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It seems you have found this gem of a website a little early! While you’re here visiting, hang out for a moment let me tell you about the new and exciting things that will be coming your way. Photography Business Mastery is currently in its early development phase. We are gearing up to deliver to you at no charge the newest, hottest, most relevant content aimed at helping you start a photography business.

So why would we do such a thing? Because photography and business are what we absolutely love. That’s right, I’ll admit it. We are self proclaimed photography nerds who love to help beginning and amateur photographers with starting a photography business and making money from photography.

So what is this site going to cover specifically? We are going to be covering ALL aspects of getting started. The blog will be a great place to begin your adventure with topics ranging from: how to raise money for better equipment, what equipment is ideal for a photography business, what outlets are available to make money with your camera, filing to become a legal business, dealing with customers, effective marketing strategies, how to sell your services and packages , how to increase sales, and on and on! This site will have everything to help you succeed!

Oh how I wish I could tell you about all of the free awesome content coming your way and how it will be delivered! But…..If I did that would ruin the surprise.

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